Roast Beef



Now go use it girl, or whatever. LOL


Congrats very happy for you. I'd not heard the term applied to a cis woman before.


Many Cis women have issues with thier bodies and sexual organs as well. It isnt the same as having to transition to another gender, but cos women cannot engage in sexual health when thier bodies are damaged from other reasons.


Why are we assuming that the OP is a cis woman? They are celebrating an action of self care and never mentioned their preferred pro-noun or gender. Someone can identify as non-binary and still celebrate their genitalia without transitioning.


Um, she said she had several kids T.


@5, your point? So are we saying that people who identify as trans or non-binary don’t have kids? Is that a new rule or assumption?


@7, oh calm down. The term “cis” was thrown into the comments early on (see 2 and 3). I’m allowed to ask questions to further my own understanding on these specific assumptions. If no one cares, then cool... just don’t throw labels around if you’re not open to follow up conversation.