Beach Breeders with Spawn



Nice. Couldn't have said it better. Still.
I'm quickly reaching the point, in these "trying times", where I won't be getting out of people's way and giving an inch of my ground simply because it's the polite/nice thing to do. Yep. Almost done with that shit. Time for you to stay behind me. Time for it to be all about me and none about you.


I'm assuming you were a child at some point in your life? Children require play and outdoor spaces for thier brain to develop so they can grow up into generally functioning and healthy adults. Children require socialization with thier peers and other humans in order to grow and learn.
You already had a childhood, and no matter what your excuse is, people like you do not get to take away what children need. Your needs are not above the needs of children. This is the most selfish thing I have read. I hope you never have children in your life, you'd always resent them.
Stop referring to children as "it," children are not a sub human object!


Confirms my belief that the majority of people heartless, selfish snits, with no empathy for your fellow man. I assume all you people who responded to this post were in this category.


public spaces are just that: public. no one gets squatters rights, age, state of health and date of birth notwithstanding.