Nobody under 40 is going to like this



hilarious that this is addressed to ‘kids’ when it is people OVER 40 who have been doing the slicing up and pricing up for the last 2 decades. we’re just the ones who have to clean up your mess... in fact, we’re in the streets specifically to clean up messes you thought weren’t important enough to begin with.


Not true, I am 29 and agree with you. Id like to point out however, I cant find other people the same age as me that disagree with the destruction of property and violence downtown.
That said, I do support BLM because no one in thoer right mind can deny that systemic racism is a problem. Ive seen it, Ive whotnessed it. For example, my former spouse is Navajo, but would often be assumed Hislanic. Once we went to the DMV to get him a new ID card, and we brought his birth certificate, social security card and proof of address. Even with all of that, the DMV receptionist demanded to see proof of citizenship....she even called for a Spanish interpreter despite him speaking clear plain English to her. She thought he wasn't a born citizen, and it never occured to her that he was Native American.
Thats only one example, not the worst Ive encountered, but also not excusable.
I do agree with you on the unafforsability of housing here. In 2009 I was renting a 3 bedroom apartment for $830 a month. That same apartment now is near $2k a month.
I'm also disappointed with how reflexively insulted my generation of peers are. There is no room for exchange of opinion without risking being doxxed for simply questioning a hive minded thought. Im told by peers they support freedom of speach, but if that includes disagreement or questioning then you risk being assumed insensitive or even a far right extremest. Individualism is no longer valued, freedom of speach neither.


Hey, Fat Thor (#1) You're in the streets combating California real estate developers? Okay. Now I've heard fucking everything lol.


Talking about how Portland was 20 years ago...OP sounds like you contributed to this transplant complaint by moving here if you’re only going back 20 years.

Nice try.


All the police have to do is stop killing Black people. Period. Full stop. And the protests would end. IF cops chose to stop playing dress up in military gear and assaulting civilians exercising their First Amendment rights (and stopped encouraging and enabling people like Kyle Rittenhouse who claim they are exercising their Second Amendment rights, when all they are doing is murdering people), the protests would end and life would move forward. Police have the power to end it. Change. Stop murdering Black people. Fire all cops who shoot people. Prosecute all cops who kill people. No exceptions. It is literally so simple, it could end before I finish typing this if they embraced the concept of NO MORE VIOLENCE AGAINST CIVILIANS IN THE NAME OF RACIST POLICY, PROTECTING WHITE PEOPLE'S PROPERTY, AND VIOLENCE. Until the police change and communities stop allowing police to murder people, there will be no end to the protests.

Call the police and demand they change and it will all end


arlo, everyday people are in the streets fighting capitalism and the extensions of those destructive systems. keep laughing from your couch, ordering from amazon, and supporting industries that strip human beings of their rights to live. you seem to have all the answers.


lol Fat-Thor, you think you're fighting capitalism? I thought it was for BLM? Or was it for defunding the police? Do you know what you're doing on the streets every night? Sounds like the only one confused here is maybe you, since you seem to think fighting PPB for sport is somehow fighting for BLM, Against capitalism, and Defunding police.

Did you realize your "protesting" has actually increased police funding? Maybe go read the news. Maybe go put out a written plan that explains how throwing molotovs on neighborhood streets is fighting against capitalism. Maybe even try and spell out what "fighting against capitalism" actually means and what you're trying to accomplish there.


The difference between an organized protest movement and an angry mob is the former is disciplined and has a central goal while the latter has no purpose and quickly descends into chaos. In the beginning (sometime before the "Wall of Moms") I understood the BLM movement, supported it, and made donations to the NAACP. That has not changed for me. I am smart enough to know the difference between BLM and what's been going on the last several weeks. What the streets have descended into now is a cruel joke that has completely lost my support. I'm against fascism left and right. It's so typical of white privilege to hijack the BLM movement, taunt police (and then literally cry about tear gas), set mattresses on fire, and shoot off fireworks by aiming them at law enforcement personnel. A young white guy knows he can get away with that kind of unacceptable behavior. Just like he knows he can talk back to a cop when he's pulled over. I don't know who they are out there at night causing the destruction but they are not white allies.