Choking on Wood Smoke



Ummm not everyone is burning in wood stoves and fire places to the amount of smoke the wildfires have produced, dipshit!


OP, you're honestly trying to equate hundreds of thousands of acres burning in the NW to a neighbor using a wood stove? Do you have no idea what scale is?

It must be nice to live in a world where you can afford to go buy whatever it is you need. A lot of people in the metro area use wood as fuel because it's free. You can go to any of the national forests or other public lands and harvest the firewood you need for free. Please explain how they an go harvest the 'gas' you prescribe.

You're so helpful OP, telling people to stop using the fuel they can afford in favor of an expensive one. I guess maybe you don't believe people need heat and that it's all just about 'tradition'. Maybe next you can go on to solve the homeless problem by telling people to go get a job. That's basically what you're doing here.


what arlo said^^^