Research It



Schools are funded by state, federal and property tax dollars. So pretty much what you are calling for are for schools to have less are definately not a parent. Stop being self centered.


OP, do you honestly think all of your tax dollars go to fund the police? The police get like $3 a year from you. All the rest goes to schools, roads, libraries, parks, and a million other places you're also ignorant of.

Encouraging people to hold back taxes only gets people in deeper holes that they can't dig themselves out of. Ditto for withholding rent. Maybe do some more research and see how things actually work before advising people to not pay for what they use.


Others have addressed the fallacy of withholding property taxes (a good way to have a lien put on your house). My question is what does it mean to defund the police? Cut their budget from its current levels to zero? I don't think the OP is a total crank so I wanted to ask what it means.