Rights and Equity in Education



So. Let’s make a BIG effort and production to re-open schools. Only just a week or two later, to have them close because of an outbreak. Every time a school opens, it has to close again. Hmmm, could it be because of Covid? Quit bitching and do YOUR job as a parent and make it work for you. You’re not the only one struggling through all of this, and I recommend looking at news report after news report of outbreaks happening ALL OVER because classes resumed. What will your solution be if there is another outbreak? Force teachers to put their health at risk because you’re sick of your offspring? Use your fucking head and pay attention to what is happening in education in regards to this. Please, enlighten all of us what your solution would be for an outbreak in a school because you don’t like public health decisions made in respect to protecting others from getting sick.

Yeah, I thought so dumbass...you have no solution. So shut up already!