What are you going for do about it? First you’re lecturing about schools and you’re telling us what and how we can say anything. It’s a free country and we can say as we please, wether you like it or not.

No one is impressed by your “offspring” complaints!


Totally disagree. I babysat other people's children since I was the age of 11. I was a nanny for a few years starting at the age of 22. I have seen people beating their children in public and confronted them. And while you may not care for the inconvenience of other people's opinions, all of us childless people, we work and pay taxes that go to schools. We also have to live with YOUR children. We have to live with the consequences of how they were raised, how they behave, who they become, and what they do as they grow up.

There are horror shows of parents out there who need to have their children removed from them. Children need people in their lives to stand up for them, to protect them, and to help them through life. Children emotionally, physically, and sexually abused. NO ONE gets to sit by and say nothing while that happens. Period.


Oh and uhh as to your instructing people to not use words like OFFSPRING, your Newspeak Orwellian whining isn’t going to work. Sometimes there are words in our vast vocabulary you don’t like, so get over it. You’re not special for having children, your children aren’t special for being alive. Quit trying to police what it is people say because you have “feelings” and don’t like words being used that don’t fit your narrative. Sorry your offspring doesn’t get special attention from society. No one asked you to procreate, it was your choice, and life will continue to exist wether you like descriptive words in the English language or not. Again, YOUR KIDS nor YOU are special, so deal with it.

Offspring. Offspring. Offspring.

Hope you’re able to find a safe space!


P.S. I also pay taxes so your vomit inducing “special” offspring can attend schools when open, and also for the teachers salary, upkeep of the schools, the setup of online education during a pandemic, so yeah, I am going to weigh in wether you like it or not. And if you’re going to be playing the very transparent parents vs. childless, then any part of society where it doesn’t involve you being a parent, by your theory you shouldn’t have a say for Jack shit on ANY policy unless it pertains to your crunchy way of life. Again, get over yourself. Becoming a parent doesn’t make you immune to anything.


Relax, OP. At the end of the day, nobody really cares about your kids. Probably not even you some days.


most people procreate out of a selfish desire to give their sad, empty lives meaning. And when they realize too late that littering the world with their sad, selfish offspring does not fill that void, they post angry, pointless IA columns. Ah, the cycle of life.


Congrats, you've fulfilled your biological imperative. Here's a poopy diaper as a prize. Yay you.


I'm all for these kinds of laws. Like if someone doesn't own a gun, they should have no say in gun control laws. If someone doesn't have an abortion, they shouldn't be allowed to vote on any abortion laws. I'm loving this.