Studying art in college in the 90s my professors taught us theological questions of handmade versus digital art. It was a topic of discussion touched in a couple classes. Neither discussions for either sides were about picking one or promoting one versus the other for good or bad, better or worse. I had good teachers but I gathered from the vibe they were on the side of art for arts sake, handmade, and being "artists." To question oneself and the bigger picture whatever that may be with visual appeal and conceptual intrigue. Their art went in these directions. They never made me choose a side but to question why? I wholeheartedly went the way of uniqueness in printing. There can be a point to editioning which is commodity. I also went the way of using physicality. But I do recognize the computer technological aspects to photo likenesses and using it to enhance images, not control it. There are marks that a computer can do that a hand cannot and vice versa. I guess I've been much more witness with social media that everything is art and everyone is an artist these days. And how easy it is to take a couple hours for their comic book drawing then to send it to whatever production website and mass produce hats, shirts, stickers, accessories, etc. Right, we all gotta make a living. We will all do whatever it takes. Integrity is lost. Meme or gif, or whatever it is, is "art." While technology and phones have improved society in some ways, it's also destroyed it. A smart phone can take a good enough photo as an expensive digital camera, for example.