So, let me get this straight. You get a bunch of uptight, old white guys together on the weekends. Maybe you spend a hour or so plinking your .22 at the beer cans you've been steadily emptying. The rest of your "training" time is swapping stories about that one time you sprayed bear mace at the 7-11.

On the other hand, you have hundreds and thousands of beautiful young people gathering every night. Their message is simple: Stop executing Black Americans in their sleep and in the street. They are standing strong every night for their right to free thought and free expression. They are currently at day 125, with no sign of letting up. And for their troubles, these ANTI-FACISTS have gotten beat, maced, gassed, pushed, run over by cars, stepped on by cops, shot with baton rounds, arrested, and had military weapons and equipment used against them. And these citizens, these true Americans, come back night after night, patched up, ready to stand their ground.

And you, Proud Boys, think that YOU can intimidate THEM?