Heres more with these lazy, selfish idiots that I have to call my fellow humans in race called life. I have no problem helping you guys that need it and express gratitude but the rest of you I disgust, detest, and will express what a dickass you are. Customer service, fuck that, this is still human nature first. I've recently noticed it takes 2 to 4 of you ingrates to go shopping and load your cart with 3 items. Come on the fuck on. Essential my ass. And dont you have anything better to do than to tag along? What a waste of your time and a wasted life. Then it's the asshole who loads 3 carts with 50 lb. bags of whatever, cases of soda, and other heavy shit that needs help, will express appreciation of an asshole who only knows take take take, and be a no sense asshole that I hate to associate with regardless. So now all you idiots got your shit in your car, what is this? Because we have sampling food for you which comes with some wrapping container, guess what, you took everything off your cart and forgot to throw out your refuse. Oops, no you did not, you selfish lazy dickass worthless excuse for human life. And when you do leave that one thing behind on a cart, instead of giving it to the front desk, I'll assume it trash then throw it out for ya. Customers are fucking assholes.