A daily life. Everyday, aimless, jobless, without money, without love, without friends, without family, no hobbies. Yup, them depths of despair. Content or complacent? Two different things. One being okay with falling short. What purpose? How is that a life? Yup, still no strive for ambition other than phone surf, video games, or TV, all day. From nothing to nothing. Dont do shit,  but still expect, still feel sorry for themselves, still complain, heads hanging, still act pathetic. That's what's wrong with this country. Cant, seriously, like really truly look at you all and what you do with your time, and free time. How you choose to spend it? It is really uninspiring to me, on a daily basis I no longer want my eyes to see it then it transmits to my thoughts. I die inside everytime just the imagining what went on in your day. And the phone surf, TV, video games is too productive, really though. Try relaxing a little more. Spend it on Facebook book. Or sitting where you've been the last 2 hours.