why can't Trump condemn white supremecy?
I dont understand why thats so hard to do, and my only conclusion is that he supports them by not even condemning them!
My father was racist himself, not neo nazi type but he's consistently call different races names.
I found it ironic given we lived homeless and went hungry, yet he would say other ethnic groups were welfare queens.
There was one time he took me to panhandle for money, and a Black man came up to us and offered to buy me food to eat.
He took me to McDonald's and told me I cojld order anything on the menu.
I hadn't eaten for a week and if not for this man I wouldn't have had anything to eat that day.
He even bought my dad a meal.
He sat with us and tried to encourage my father to do better.
I learned that day my father was an idiot, and I despised racism!
I was provided a living example of the hypocracy of racism.