for the past 6 months my focus has been demanding that schools opem for the most disadvantaged families who need it.
Considering that messege is falling upon deaf ears, maybe what I will do instead, is advocate for steps we can take to recover from these shit downs.
Like when a vaccine has been successfully proven safe and has been distributed to the population. Thats when we need to double our effort in strengthening our support systems in our community.
Everyone has been traumatized by this to some degree, so I am not discrediting that everyone has struggled. My main concern is for those most impacted by these shut downs.

Side thought here, (whats with anti vaxxers on a vaccine? Like as soon as a vaccine is distributed and available for my children and I, we will be ready and willing to take it! Why anyone is trying to say Bill Gates is going to "chip" us and its a conspiracy is beyond me.)

Anyway, what I feel we need to plan on is strengthening early education services for young children, our public schools, and job training/childcare opportunities for families..

I'm sure now many families have been placed into low income or no income.situations, and when things open up, maybe their previous job won't be available to go back to. So we need job training or educational opportunities and a support network for early headstart and daycare for these families so they can contribute to growing the economy again.

Just some thoughts. Since my previous venture is going nowhere, it can atleast be put to better use.