the new store on my block is named after a tomato that only hipsters with smart phones and the incentive to google image 'green zebra' are able to identify-how about heirloom market or roma grocers? the zebra, which hasn't anything to do with the tomato, they use for the mascot isn't even green! its a zebra with a green backdrop! its like having the Red Bell corner store with a picture of a brass bell on a red flag. Before anyone pours millions into a NEW STORE CHAIN maybe don't just ask Jeeves to name the place based off of popular search logarithms, then have a simple, and seemingly lazy AI program come up with what it thinks a matching image might be. And if anyone did come up with it-again, nobody but farmers and smarmy dicks know about green zebras, THEN if you use an actual zebra for the mascot (which makes no sense), when you make the picture in Microsoft Paint, as you clearly did, use the 'ink' ability and just make the white part of the zebra green! for fuck sake!