I havent delved more into researching OHA's new data formulation, but the numbers include presumptive. Why are presumptive but not proven cases added to these numbers? Also, why isnt the news focusing on hospital rates?
The headlines mislead because when you state something like "500 positive and presumptive cases, 3 new deaths," the readers only focus on that 500 number. Not questioning how much of them are presumptive, what the age demographic of them are and how many are being hospitilized.
Its also leaving out the fatality rate of the virus compared to the general population, and the population of confirmed cases, which differs accordingly.
When schools and businesses are shut down, I am suprised people are not demanding more clear reporting on these numbers.
I've been tested three times. All negative, and so has my partner, all negative. We live in one of the zip codes in multnomah county with the highest cases counts.
We wear masks and such, but how many of those numbers are elderly? Nearly 9 out of 10 are.
Come ln people, demand transparency and accurate headlines atleast. People should be informed, not misinformed.