What am I going to do? I know we'll get trick or treaters. Option A: Open door and tell them directly that their parents are idiots and they really need to understand that adults will fail you and today is the day. If the idiot parents are standing in the street I may just yell directly at them, cut out the kiddos. It's not their fault. They don't stand a chance in this world with idiot parent like that but it's not their fault. Option B: leave a clearly written sign stating the idiocy of the parents of the faultless rugrats standing at my doorstep begging for food despite the pandemic. I feel the sign leaves my property vulnerable, as opposed to the idiots in the street and their spawn in my space knowing who lives inside. "he's real mad, mommy!". C: Take to the streets, in costume/disguise to voice my disgust. But then am I being a hypocrite?