some day it will be former foster youth that lead this country.
We are the forgotten ones, where fostercare awareness today only congratulates foster parents, but never the children within the system.
We are the ones who make up 80% of the prison population, nearly 50% of the homeless population and suffer from PTSD at twice the rate that war vets do.
We graduate highschool at close to 30% and a four year university at only 2.5%
We represent high numbers of death, and long term health problems.
Let's talk about inequality only when that discussions starts to focus on foster youth.
We are the garbage society throws away, and then pitied on when convenient. But we will make it to the top one day.
And when we do, all your stupid complaint will be unjustified.
All of them.
Prepare for that day. Your little priviledges and whining about your lives when you've had more your whole life will be put on display.
I cant wait for that day.