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Oh shut UP Raven! Could you be anymore obvious?


Shitty punctuation, expectation of everyone giving you sympathy Raven because you were a foster child, shitty’re not fooling anyone with this post. It’s the same broken record that got you banned in the first place from commenting here. Plenty of people have had shitty lives too that weren’t foster children Raven, and they have managed to pick up the pieces and be human beings, as you come in here (again) because your comment accounts have been blocked by the Merc, and demand everyone help you (listen to you and make exceptions for you) as you could give two shits about other people. Sounds like you’re still in your own personal hell and expect everyone else to do something about it because you were in the foster care system, and because your lazy ass gives everyone every possible excuse to a possible solution to your situation (again, blaming everyone else because you were a foster kid, and now because as an adult somehow society is still responsible for you). You expect everyone to show empathy and concern when you have none for everyone else, because God forbid your leg was blown off in the Middle East, your PTSD can’t compare to Raven because she was a foster kid.

Again, it’s obvious who wrote this!


There is no competition for who had the worst life experiences. At this point I feel deeply for Raven as she is obviously suffering. I have nothing further to offer other than empathy and compassion. The longer this situation goes on (and right now there is no real end in sight, not even when Trump loses in November) the pain of those suffering is going to keep increasing.


To whoever the OP is, you do NOT speak for me in any way, shape, or form. I grew up in the Foster Care system myself. Was it tough? You bet. Was it easy? No. The concept of stability was thrown out the window. But guess what? At the age of 32, I have not only managed to put that time of my life behind me, but I have also refused to allow it to define me as an adult.

Every shitty thing I have experienced, I haven’t used my time in foster care as an excuse. The OP sure as hell reminds me of what commenter #1 and #2 said about someone who months ago, used her/his/their childhood as an excuse for everything happening to them as an adult. In fact, the traits of “selective empathy” they have for other people, are signs of sociopathy.

There comes a time OP when you have to grow the fuck up, and realize that no one owes you jack shit for being in foster care. You are an adult now and you don’t get to use your childhood as an excuse for every shifty thing that has happened to you. Are the odds stacked against people like you and I? You bet. But you either have the choice to wallow in it and grow up to be a miserable person, or you take life by the balls and crawl out. No one owes me or you, anything in life as adults.

To list off and play the card of “compared to all these people”, is of the most affected horse shit imaginable. Trauma is trauma no matter where it comes from or how it happened. If you want to play the victim all your life, that is your choice. Your post is so sociopathic and gross, I can’t even begin to tell you, how it is. As an adult, you have made choices that didn’t work out. It isn’t my fault, the fault of strangers, or society in general that your life is crap. You’re an adult now. Any excuse of childhood trauma that you refuse to let go of because of being a foster child, is just that: an excuse. It sounds like you would rather place yourself in that river of horrors and dwell there, rather than pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and try and better yourself, because it’s so much easier to blame everyone else than do anything else.

Quit comparing your trauma to that of others. You and I don’t get gold stars for being foster kids, so because of being in the system, we deserve more. Get over yourself. You’re a grown ass adult. Your type (foster child or otherwise) is nothing new to the attention seeking human types put there, who do nothing but make life all about them and act like mental health snow flakes.

It’s pathetic. You know it too.


Ha! To #1,2 and 4: if that shit were said to ANYONE else complaining about their circumstances.....(take out foster care and insert one of many other reasons people have for being held back/down in life).....



Guess you weren’t here for the Raven chronicles this spring. So you can eat a bucket of dicks. In the eyes of Raven, NO ONE ELSE is allowed to complain about their circumstances in life, because they weren’t a foster kid, so therefor unless they’ve been in the DHS system, they aren’t allowed (in her eyes) to complain. Then we have a comment here from someone who actually HAS been in the system, who is saying “you don’t speak for me”.

Your point?