They've been changing rules around bottle return around Portland so some stores near downtown only have to take 24; in exchange for having bag-and-drop service. After my own past experience with less than accurate counts and the horrific reviews I read, I counted every can that went into my last ten bags and kept track of what I got back and most of the bags were Fcking short counted. 7% short across all ten bags. The company that's miscounting them is the same company that is allowed to pocket unredeemed deposit.

So their website says they process around 13,800 bags a day. I did some calculations and assuming they're returning bags with about the same number of cans as me and they're getting shorted at the same rate, they're pocketing about $7,700 a day that's supposed to have been paid out to Oregonians. That's on top of whatever they're pocketing on containers people don't return.