There you are, every morning in your garage, engine running, cig smoking, and headlights on, blaring into my room. Every fucking morning. Engine running. I may give a pass in the winter, you know, warming up the engine and interior, although that was never quite my morning routine, so I don't understand what I don't know. But in the summer? You are an idiot. It's your routine. Cigs, engine, lights becasue they come on with the car, and it's too much work to turn it off for your neighbors at 6 to 7 am. You do know that the lights and engine/car starting is controlled by different buttons or functions on the car that are separate, right? I wouldn't put it pass you how dumb you may be, though. Inconsiderated for sure. But why would a neighbor be considerate, or inconsiderate? Because they don't know? So when I stare at you from across the street, yes, I'm being passive aggressive. When I yell at you from across the street, I'm angry at how clueless you are. When I walk up to you and ask you, and you disregard, it's your property, your right, no laws you have to abide in turning off your lights for your neighbor. So I see how you are, which is the epitome of entitlement. True disrespect. And complete idiocracy in your morning routine with engine running, and lights going all because you need to smoke cigarettes.