Monuments to Ignorance



Exactly. What is obscene is this country refuses to acknowledge it's violent, genocidal, racist past and present, as it fights viciously to avoid a future that is different. What's obscene is how many people are murdered in the name of white supremacist terrorism and how many people don't give a fuck. What's obscene is in the year 2020 (nearly 2021) in the country with more wealth the the rest of the entire world, we allow people to go without food, homes, jobs, health care, clean air/water/land. etc. What's obscene is we do not have full equality in this country and are STILL fighting for ALL PEOPLE to be treated equally. What's obscene is we are STILL fighting for women to have autonomy over their own bodies. What's obscene is we so absurdly pretend we are the greatest country on earth and yet we trail so much of the world when it comes to women's rights and equality, infant mortality, mortality of women who have just given birth, equality of wealth, protection of children against sexual abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse, and murder, deaths by firearms, deaths by homicide, deaths by men who are domestic abusers, etc. And the list goes on and on and on and on.

Anyone outraged by any statue or building being ruined more than they are outraged by all of the above is just a piece of shit and this country has more shit in it than the entire third world's polluted waters full of human waste.


Remove all the statues you want.

What I find obscene are uneducated idiots causing wanton violence and trying to justify it due to a history they neither know or actually understand. Yes, preach to me about the evils of American history. Can you name the last 5 presidents? Probably not.


Arlo - you think you're smart and educated because you can name the last 5 presidents? Oh look, it's the Jeopardy version of American history. How would you know how ignorant any of these people are, do you have coffee with them before they head out?


Actually Arlo, I can name the last five/ten/fifteen presidents. I can also relate to you the racist history of this country. I can tell you how Republicans made a deal with the racist devil and lost their soul. I can explain to you why Capitalism mean the death to democracy.


Stop shitting in your nest. You are all privileged. Everyone in this country lives in the place of the greatest opportunity in the world. Yeah, go shot up a person of color's business and call yourself a warrior for racial justice. Get over yourselves and do something productive. Fucking vote. We vote for stuff in this country. We don't demand people resign from office or we'll burn the place down. Fuck you all.


"People's History of the United States" Howard Zinn. Read it and learn everything we were not taught in school.


@Demondog: To demand others pretend to live in a representative democracy in the face of facts is the definition of "privileged." The GOP has gerrymandered states in such a way that despite the Democrats getting the majority of votes, their state will be represented by a super majority of Republicans. Despite losing the popular vote the last two Republican Presidents have taken office and appointed Justices that the majority of American's have rejected. The GOP has stood silent while their Senate leader has refused to allow the Senate to do their job while Democrats control the executive branch, and then spent the majority of Senate Legislative time this past year jamming as many Federal Judges from the Heritage Foundation "approved" lists upon America, while refusing to allow any consideration to Covid Relief bills.

But you believe we live in the greatest opportunity in the world. Hell a year from now millions more Americans will be without healthcare because of the GOP.


While I don't disagree with your history, when you say things like, " I can tell you how Republicans made a deal with the racist devil and lost their soul.", you really don't do much for your point. It makes you sound like the people who call all protestors Antifa. Sweeping general statements are generally not only untrue, they give away that the person making them as not understanding the point they are making/defending.

So, if you really do understand all this, make a cognitive argument statement and back it up with proof and examples. Otherwise you're standing on a box blathering like a crazy person..


The OP builds a strawman and then lectures us to "grow up" from the third grade. I know of no one who thinks the U.S. is "blameless and sanctified." This is just some sort of angry projection by the OP onto the rest of us.

What does it mean to suggest, as Christina does, that "this country refuses to acknowledge" it's past? Are countries now people like corporations? Let's just admit we're in an existential struggle here. Many people in this country refused to admit our past, many others embrace white supremacy, and still others are eager to pull down statues in order to force everyone to confront certain ugly truths. But the vast majority of us do not fall into those neat categories. I can acknowledge our brutal past, decry racism and white fragility, and reject an ignorant mob that thinks it's a "teachable moment" to smash into the Oregon Historical Society and steal an African-American commemorative quilt among other sins. A pox on all your houses. There's enough anger in this complicated world. We need love and understanding, not mob violence that pretends to speak on behalf of the Native population.


Since everyone here is an expert of civil rights and US history, could someone explain why the protestors who supposedly were pro BIPOC decided it as a good idea to steal and destroy the Black History quilt?


Arlo111: Either they didn't know any better, didn't care, or the mob just got out of control as mobs tend to do. I get it. Orange Man Bad. It's no coincidence that this is all happening right now instead of during the Obama Administration. Young kids under- or unemployed want to take it out on someone or something. But to get all nerdy I can just see the Emperor wringing his hands and saying "Good, good, I can feel your hate growing strong in you!" I will be very curious to know what happens after the election. Will young white guys keep up the smash and grab? Or will they channel their energy into something productive that can be a part of the solution?


eric allen - She does not "hate America," she hates the douchebags in charge that are ruining America. And your "common sense" is really just kneejerk reaction. I wasn't defending anyone, just wanted to know how someone knows that these people are "ignorant," especially after the OP gave background information on Roosevelt and Lincoln. If you want to challenge that information, have a go at it.


@Kelli Beth. I agree with many of your points but none of that justifies shitting all over Portland. This is one of the most progressive parts of this country and yet we have people going out every night wanting to tear it down. In any event, if you live in the United States, whatever state it is, you are better off than nearly all of the rest of the people in the world. I stand by that.