Yeah, kind of embarrassing I guess. Ive used public transit since I was kid. I remember when trimet buses took every 20 to 30 minutes to get to a stop, and when the max used to just be blue and red lines only.
I toughed out years of hot summers, rainy falls and bitter cold winded winters all with my children on the bus and max. We had groceries to buy, places to be, and weather never stopped us.
But with countless employers asking applicants to have a reliable form of transportation, and with the fact I have to get my kids to appointments, grocery shop and also get to work and drop off at childcare, I had to start learning to drive.
I got a permit, and got a used electric car.
I practiced driving and even did my drivers test before the shutdowns. But I failed that because I was so nervous driving I missed a turn and passed a red light right when we turning back into the DMV parking lot.
Now I'm still practicing but I just can't get over anxiety. I'm scared to end up in an accident, or accidentally hurting myself or another person because I make one wrong move while driving.
I only am doing this so I can buy groceries and not have to lug 50 bags on the bus, and also so I can get a job.
Why do employers make this a requirement in a city with one of the best transportation systems? I thought we are supposed to be making our carbon emissions less. Electric cars dont solve the problem when the material also harms the planet, electric or not.