Learning to drive at 30



Since the DMV isn't doing testing anymore. I assume you can get a low key test with some people you are comfortable around. I'd trust a 30 year old versus a 16 any day.


You just need to get comfortable behind the wheel. Get a learners permit and have a friend take you out to some country roads where you don’t have to worry about traffic. Once you are comfortable with the basics like steering braking and parking, city driving will get easier since you’ll have more attention to devote to traffic signs, signals, and pedestrians (!!). City driving is highly complex and you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself about the failed test. Those of us who are so used to it that we think it’s “easy” are simply forgetting what it was like before our process became automatic (muscle memory). You’ll get there. Fwiw, I agree it’s a bullshit job requirement but good for you for doing what you need to to get ahead!


Don't over think it. You'll do fine. I know people who got their license when they were older than 30.