I really hope this gets by Mercury censors [Hi! Love, your Mercury censors]
Fed up with the insanity on public display everywhere the grating voices of Republicans are raised, more accurately conservatives, more accurately predatory (primarily) whites, but predatory behavior is not ethnically exclusive.
The outrageous inundation of Lies, lies and more lies, of distortions, of actual, blatant reversals of reality. Black is white for these deliberately vicious, lying, thieving, cheating, lying, greedy, lying, bullying, lying, murdering, lying, self-righteous, lying, hypocritical, lying, insane things wearing the bodies of and appearing to be actual human beings.
Sick of this, tired of tolerating and being nice to half-wit puppets whose minds are destroyed by the propaganda spewing over the land like their oil spills, poisoning everything. Stop it!