It was amazing to go in for an annual exam and mammogram and not have to pay a co-pay, or have it go against our deductible. With pre-existing conditions and a family history of breast cancer, how reassuring to get a yearly mammogram! Sure, I had to pay for the ultrasound when cysts were discovered, but small price to pay for a little peace of mind. Buh-bye, preventative healthcare. Private insurance, which is already a huge monthly expense, is going to become unattainable. Not to lose sight of those who will suffer far, far more than we will, even if the worst happens. Amy Covid Barrett represents the worst of "conservative 'values.'" More disease, more babies born with no support beyond birth, more maternal mortality, but more guns, more misogyny, more monopolies, and less separation between church and state. The Handmaid Judge is a disgrace.