OHP and Oral health



Wonderful post!

A friend of mine who has OHP and has their basic dental coverage, voiced some concerns as well about the program. He’s got a cpap machine, which dries his mouth out. From what I have researched, the dry mouth is common (even with the water chamber to provide moisture) but it can cause gums to recede and his teeth have shifted a bit as well because of it. A few years ago, while on the OHP plan he was able to see a regular dentist at their practice (those who took the insurance) and is now frustrated that he can only go to the county clinics (who haven’t been taking new clients) and the Russell Street clinic through OHSU. It is really frustrating, and I’m deeply sorry you’re having to go through this. Any expensive dental work I’ve needed, I’ve always gone to Mexico as it is cheaper. I know many though (Covid or not) where this isn't an option.

Time to start petitioning for better dental coverage! Count me in.


There's no dental care in Medicare either.

Makes no sense that dental insurance in this country is so expensive and that it only covers 50% and there is ALWAYS a cap (usually $1000 which doesn't even cover a crown). I needed a crown when I had a job and health insurance and dental insurance and I still had to pay $600 (and the only reason I needed a crown is because a dentist messed up my tooth and created the situation where a crown was required).

One's mouth health affects one's entire body health.

We shell out $350/year ($700 total) for annual dental cleanings/x-rays/exams. The only reason we can manage that $700 year (plus any additional costs) is because of my mother's retirement savings.