A while back I shared that I had gotten a complete vaginal reconstruction, or in other words, vaginoplasty. The name of the surgery is generally assigned to women seeking gender affirmation after transitioning from male to female, but cis women also receive this form of care. In my case I am cis, and got the surgery after having had several vaginal births and surviving sexual assault.
After several weeks I was given the go ahead to engage in sexual activity. I want to share this for any woman, trans or cis, what I experienced.
Sex afterword is painful, particularly in the front opening. Overtime it does stretch so it isnt as painful.
Is the surgery worth it?
I felt it was in order to reclaim my parts as my own, and not damaged by sexual assault. But I just think you should be aware that post surgery you will feel pain durring intercourse for a while until your body adjusts to the change.
I funded it through credit, but I wish this surgery were offered to every woman who needed it. I believe sexual health is important and if we cannot engage in it because our sexual organs aren't functioning, then surgeries that help them function should be covered as medically necessary.
Thats atleast my opinion.