I rely on Trimet. Theres uber/Lyft and cab. Yea, I wish I had money. If I had money, I'd have a car and the problems that go with it. If I had money, I'd have a personal driver. Going home from work, after hard labor intensive day, dealing with selfish and greedy customers, I just wanna get off this strip mall with loud cars buzzing by and go home. Trimet has time schedules based on what promises I don't know.
Bus is supposed to arrive at 5:59 PM. It never does. Always a few minutes late. Sometimes as many as 5. Then factor in traffic which is less currently. Factor in unknown, uncontrolled circumstances. Factor in dumbass kids who beg to ride for free, but take up minutes of the drivers time, and guess what, the other riders time who pay and have places to be. Factor in bikes or wheelchairs.
Bus is supposed to arrive at 612 for a 615 transfer. So I, 50% of the time miss the transfer because bus is late, or I'm running to make it, or waiting for the next one in 15 min. At 630, this transfer is supposed to arrive at 637 to make a 640 transfer to my door step. It never does. One, the driver of the 630 bus takes his time and leaves at 631. Oh, factor in also if a driver picks up another driver to switch shifts, or they start chatting about their dinner then forget, we got places to go, so slow motion here we go. Then, if this 640 is early, well, tough fucking luck. Then, yup, I get to walk home for 20 min because the next bus comes in 40 min. The fucking struggle just to get home and find peace.