With the ongoing uncertainty in today's world there is one thing for certain - everyone has days (for me I have dozens) where they don't know if the future will be getting any better or brighter. With presidential debates that look like drunk guys arguing over fabricated sports stats - it makes since why we are a little skeptical.
Old white guys aside, there are some things to be hopeful about. We are not alone in our uncertainties - each and every person has been affected by the pandemic in some negative way or another (except Jeff Bezos - f*** you and your beautifully run consumer platform). Let us use this time of uncertainty and at times sadness to band together and help one another out. Let us not focus on our problems and woes, but rather let us turn our attention to those really in need. Think of the poor, the homeless, those who face uncertainties far greater than our own. In the end giving help to others helps ourselves - and we all need help at some point.