Its already hard enough talking to a real person. Just getting to the right person after entering info that's supposed to make it easier then holding, then getting transfered. I get to the live person and its repeat my name and info for verification that I already did from the start. So what was the point if I had to repeat everything? Now trying talking to an automated person. It goes like this. Are you in front of your computer now? No. Okay, one more question, do you have access to our website? No. Are you able to get in front of your computer? wtf happened to that one more question, huh? Talk about a waste of time. Talk about going nowhere. Now try an online chat that goes something like this. I'd like a tune up but first, can you give me insight on why my cd drive isn't working? I tried everything I could find online and nothing works. Small pleasantries, let me understand you want a tune up is that correct? Yes but you're missing my main question. What's your question? Seriously, did you not read my transcript? So you're having trouble with your cd drive, is that correct? How can I help you? Good fucking jeezus. Pointless talking to someone, automated or real. Pointless chatting with someone. Do you know how much for a new drive or to fix one? I'm sorry, you have to go to the store? Okay, you understand I don't want to go anywhere for fun, because you know, COVID, well you're right, who cares. I'll waste my time to get there for you to tell me what you could over the phone. What is the point of what you people do?