Watching these landscapers work, not dispensary workers, but these guys that do the yard work for a business off a strip mall in Clackamas County. Right on, I guess you're employed. Hardly essential. But why would you care when thousands others cannot find work. Or should I say what idiot is willing to pay you guys to do it? What other idiot is hiring your crew to keep your lawn and grass totally manicured and pristine with perfect edges in Clackamas County off a strip mall? Who the fucks going to see that? Who the fucks gonna care? Twice a,week these guys are doing it in front of one business. What a waste of a job. What a waste of money when there are far more important things in the world going on, much more critical and crucial to a better world. But nope, pay your landscapers probably not cheap to do a stupid and pointless job. But I'm sure that's the kind of clients they want. The ones that'll just throw money around. Hey. Yeehaw, create jobs. Yes. So people can make easy money from some buttcheek willing to throw money around when others are homeless, hungry, and jobless.