There's an older than me guy who walks his dog every morning down the street past my house. Typically what I only guess is his wife is behind him. I ended up walking out my house down the street one day behind him. No wife I thought. His dog kept looking behind at me. I understood why. What a sweet dog. I hope his wife's okay. Haven't seen her in a while.
Alot times, I'd see this little lady running to something. Is it lady though? She's not a lady. She's not what I consider a woman either. Nor chick or gal. I can only think female but that could be wrong too. I don't know how to describe her, anyway. She wears scrubs so I guess a nurse of some sort. I could be wrong. She's not the type to wear that outfit to pretend or scheme, I don't think either. Anyway, she runs to make her transfer, with all her might. I want to smile at her but that doesn't get far in actuality as she runs past me. I wish I could show her I admire her. Haven't seen her in a while.