I'll never tell myself I'm getting old. Once I do, I'll start acting that way. Which is pitiful. I'm old, so have pity for me. What is it with "old" people? Such a drag. Not all, but some. Mainly the ones that use this statement, "you're too young to know." You don't even have to be old to say that. There's young people that say that to younger people. It's a pure statement of arrogance and ignorance. First, you don't know how old I am. I'm older than I look which is good. You just look old. The years haven't treated you well. With a mind like that, you must live in a caged misery. The statement comes with connotations of wisdom and intellect. You don't know what I know. You wanna talk only old things. You wanna talk about war. My dead dad is 14 years older than you and he was in the Vietnam War. So what War is this that you act like you were in. You have useless information from your glory days. You know nothing culturally contemporary. You said, "who said chilvary is dead?" when you pulled out a chair for a woman. I said, "that could also be sexist, why wouldn't you do the same for a man?" You said, "because they're a man, they can do it themselves." EXACTLY my point. You command a conversation. If anyone tries to say something, you roll your eyes. You demand we do not interrupt you. Only idiots look up to you. There is nothing I can gain from your spirit. You wanna bring me down when I only wanna have fun and be happy. I can bring myself down all by myself. I'll never hang with you again. I'm not on your side at all.