I personally like Kate Brown and think that she is a competent leader. I still came away from today's press briefing feeling like they were lying by omission. A two week freeze, well actually a four week freeze...or longer for Multnomah County. I'm thinking that this really means a freeze for the winter months or until we are partway into distributing vaccines. Don't bullshit us and don't tell a lame anecdote about OR starting Farm to Table or making the sacrifice of only being able to eat Thanksgiving with HALF of your family- do not care.
A freeze means not having a job or an employer to return to for many of us. My wife who is a cook w/full time hours will be laid off again come this wednesday when it is back to take out only. So many months with no job, maybe 60% of people willing to take a vaccine and a percentage of these people actually getting it- and we're months later still with high coronavirus numbers. Restaurant workers will need to use robo dialer to get through to OR unemployment dept and getting a person is no guarantee of results, no second stimulus check, no enhanced unemployment, wife's restaurant now closed. Not looking for a pity party but don't start by telling us one month/maybe more and then extending the freeze every month for 4+ months when you already know that this is how you're going to play it.