You ever have moments of analytical introspective and hear the difference from the way the branch manager of the place you work talks to you a little more disrespectfully and more condescending than your other coworkers?
Well I do. Like company lunch for everyone, but I'm asked to do work at that same while this manager can go get his food, then come out while I'm doing the work he asked, then patronizingly says, "we got a lunch for you."
Every time I talk to this shitass, it's the most insincere and impersonal conversation you could ever have. A type A, egohead, powertripping, straight loser who "bleeds" for this dumbass company, who thinks climbing up some more dumbass ladder makes them immune from doing any real work, but sitting in the office jail, barking orders, kissing ass to the right people, and getting fatter. Reminder, there's another manager who inspires me, who does the work, who doesn't think abuse of power has led to difference in status. That's the person I want to work for. We are all equals. I will speak my mind. I will stand up to being talked to like an inferior. I don't care about this person, and their ideas which are typically dumber, arbitrary, and illogical. I will be the first to walk out when I get the chance, or he can fire me next time I say intentionally wisecrack comments to him. I may be sensitive and take things personally, but I know the work I am doing. I know what I'm worth. It is not working for someone I detest.