Plainly, there was/is refusal to use, accept, or relent to the benefit of mask wearing.
Then what's most illogical to me of all this has been this outdoor seating "program" in order to allow for activities, gatherings, and live music to happen again.
Like it's somehow okay for people to gather outside with 6 feet distance spacing between tables, and require mask usage while walking around, or not seated. I kinda feel like whatever is in the air, is already in the air whether someone is seated or walking to the bathroom.
Then this walking down the street maskless, or working in an enclosed setting, or eating in a small office/breakroom maskless, then maybe masking up a minute later because someone else enters the social distancing realm. Whether out of respect or not, whatever is in the air, is in the air so I don't understand this arbitrary masking up.
Take the outdoor seating then enclose it in a plastic bubble because we were heading to winter. Makes perfect sense! Now we can trap anything airborne into this space.
We have to move on, move forward. We're all tired of it. We're gonna gather. We're gonna take less caution amongst the ones we know and love. There's the ones doing so with complete bravado and ignorance, so kinda fuck them.
But otherwise, do we really wonder why cases are surging, and it's only going to get worse?