No, we’re not “all” gonna gather and take less precautions as the months roll on. But if that kind of black-and-white thinking helps you to feel better about the fact that YOU are going to be doing so, by all means... generalize away. And while you are at it you may as well just not wear a mask at all since you can’t seem to deal with the inconsistency of rules that attempt to regulate airborne fucking particles. That’s right, it’s a little challenging to be entirely consistent with what we can’t see. So maybe it would be easier for you to just pretend it’s not there? Ditch the mask altogether and pick up a red hat, why not?


Just do your best people. The mask thing is really hard to explain to people who don't understand how air works. It's like a fish not knowing how water works but that's a whole other kettle of stupid.


Probably should just stay home. I think you could relax more there.

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