Here's some background first. I work with a company from time to time when they need me. I'm there for them and loyal. I respect them and think they're doing good work. I'm honored to be considered part of their team for 3 or 4 years? So we know each other maybe not all the details but enough to be more than acquaintances.
So here's what I'm confused about. Clocking out on the computer timesheet I'm not used to and normally I trust someone else to do it, this one time, I asked a regular to help me do it while I was there. Officially I start at 11 and end at 730. Okay, I know I started before 11 but he put 11 exact as my start time. Lunch I remember distinctly he said, "were going to lunch 310 so be back at 340." Makes sense although it wasn't quite 310 when we went. Then I repeated this but he said, "no I'll just put 30 min lunch." Then clocking out, he put 726 exactly rather than 730, I wouldn't think matters. So, whats with this nickel and dime business? I know its a rough time but seriously? He's not even the boss. Then I was listening to the boss and this guy meet about something while I listened for our next task. I'm standing right there, I can hear. Boss says, "does he have anything to do?" Seriously, I've known this person 4 years and they cannot talk to me, and say something like, do you have anything to do? We know each, we have personal-ish conversations.
Makes me wonder and keeps me up at night.