This is The Purge




It is a purge, though not of the most vulnerable. It is a purge of the non-white populations in this country and the people who live in big cities. It is a purge of all of the people who don't vote Republican. These populations are suffering the most and experiencing the most deaths - Black communities, Native American communities, and Hispanic communities.

Of course Republicans consider all deaths of white Republicans just acceptable collateral damage. And they don't give a fuck about all of the doctors, nurses, and health care providers who are also suffering/sick/dying because of this.

Republicans are like a violent domestic abuser, akin to the family annihilator. They are willing to kill as many people as possible and destroy the entire country rather than allow white supremacist terrorism and power to be dismantled and destroyed by people they hate.


When your entire life and philosophy is built upon selfishness, when you even make your religion about "prosperity", why would you be troubled to have any number of your competitiors eliminated, even if they are ostensibly "on your side" or "in your family"? More for you, amirite?


It's the equivalent of sending our weakest and most vulnerable citizens to a gas chamber.