"More than 70 million people voted for Trump because they feel like their voices aren't being heard." What a load of horseshit! We've heard them for years, and still hear them every day. They say things like, "Blue Lives Matter," and, "Fuck your feelings," and, "We can't rebuild our civilization with someone else's babies!" We hear them shouting about their guns and how their god hates anybody who doesn't look, live, or love like them. We heard every racist, misogynist, homo- and transphobic word. They voted for Trump because they knew EXACTLY who he was and what that vote meant. They voted against their own self-interest, just to "own the libs." So let's drop the fucked-up pretense that they are just sad, misunderstood, abandoned "real" Americans OK? We don't need to understand them, we don't need to accommodate them, we just need to outnumber and outlive them. The demographics are inescapable.