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They keep not using face masks, and we will outlive them.


Let me play Devil’s Advocate here. Suppose you are 30 years old and living in a semi-rural area and you’ve lost your job because of the shutdown. Now you can’t pay your bills or your rent and maybe you have a family you have trouble feeding right now. Your president says to keep the economy open which would benefit you. Democrats, meanwhile, say shut down the economy, which keeps you from getting any money. AND, despite everything you see on TV news, you have never heard of anyone you know personally who has gotten Covid. All these famous politicians, including the president, have gotten Covid and recovered. Then you see things on the internet and elsewhere calling the epidemic fake.

So you vote for Trump. As the saying goes from the Clinton years, “It’s the economy, stupid.”


OK, @3, I'll play... If you've already lost your job, how does "keeping the economy open" (the stupidest phrase ever) even help you? Do you seriously mean to suggest that some Trump voters voted for him simply because of his COVID denial? And they didn't already support him becasue they were either plutocrats, racists, or some flavor of ignorant bigot? I know it's hard for you to accept he lost, but he did. Let it go. There's no reason to continue to defend him.


@4 – First of all, I am very glad Trump is gone, I didn’t vote for him. But what I did was to present a non-racist reason why someone would vote for him. Yes, there are a lot of bad people who voted for Trump, but they are not all evil people.

Opening the economy means if you work in a bar or restaurant, that business stays open and you earn a salary. Wanting to keep your job is not racism. And voting for someone who doesn’t want to close your business is not racism.

And by the way, since we are on the subject, assuming that you voted for Biden, you in fact voted for a racist, and his racism caused way more harm to black people than anything Trump has ever done. Just an example: The 1994 crime bill that he wrote had a penalty of 5 years in jail for possession of 5 grams of crack cocaine. And the penalty for half a kilo of powder cocaine was – again, 5 years. Black people used crack (because it was cheaper), and white people used powder. So a black person with crack got 100 times (!) the penalty that a white person with powder did. This bill screwed over a lot of black people in the following decades.

So fine, we can agree that Trump is a racist, but just look at who you voted for.


@Berny5 You point out that the Rs want to "keep the economy open", but you fail to note that the Ds want to pour money into the economy w/out sending people into harm's way--Remember the $600 / wk extra unemployment funding that the Ds had in the first Covid relief package? And remember that the House passed a second relief package worth $3 trillion that the Senate leader won't touch, counter-offering with a half-trillion dollar package which doesn't include extra unemployment or relief for state and local budgets.

Keeping the economy open to the detriment of the workers v. putting money into people's pockets so they can ride this out safely until a vaccine is widely available is a proposal only the devil would advocate.


"his racism caused way more harm to black people than anything Trump has ever done." declarative statement, opinion, presented as fact, when in fact it is not.

Trump's racism and damage done because of that racism began long ago, long before he chose to squat in the White House and use white supremacist terrorism as his platform and his position to use as much taxpayer money as possible to enrich himself and his family.

And yet even if we solely focus on the 3 years that he has been squatting in the White House, the damage done to Black lives (and ALL non-white lives), in fact the outright violence against and murder of non-white people ALONE (leave out the policy changes and decimation of rights) far outpaces all damage done by actions taken or policies enacted by Joe Biden.

Trump has incited every domestic whites supremacist terrorist incident since he took office.

Trump has literally murdered over a quarter of a million Americans, a number that includes a disproportionate number of Black, Hispanic, and Native American lives.

Trump caused every death that happened after the natural disasters he chose to ignore and withhold federal funding to help after the fact (Puerto Rico being the prime example, the individual states he punished by refusing COVID PPE, ventilators, and financial aid - again like it's his money, when it's his job as the resident of the White House to make sure that all Americans are taken care and protected being another).

Trump is directly responsible for the murders of every single person, adult and child, who has died in custody of ICE and/or Border Patrol since he took office and callously ripped families apart and put children and adults in cages (and hired people for Border Patrol who are just as sick and deranged as he is, rapists, sadists, doctors performing hysterectomies, and oh yeah the one guy who actually was a serial killer).

Trump and his administration have destroyed protections that existed for Black (and all other non-white people) in nearly every aspect of society from school, to work, to health care, to housing, to employment, to criminal justice (most egregiously reinstating the federal death penalty).

And as a final gasp of his deeply racist, sick and cruel time squatting the White House, Trump is working tirelessly to disenfranchise tens of millions of Black voters who voted for Biden. All because he is a fucking loser who does not believe that anyone, but especially, Black people who didn't vote for him have a right to have their votes counted.

There is extensive evidence (as in actual FACTS) that prove that Trump has caused far more harm, definitely far more deaths, to Black (and all other non-white people) during his "presidency" than Biden has his entire political career (and that is without denying that Biden is a racist or that Biden's support of white supremacist policy that has caused great harm to Black and all other non-white people in this country).

All you have to do is search the internet to find the facts on the harm Trump has done in his brief tenure to know that he has caused so much harm to Black (and all other non-white) people in this country. Facts matter. The truth matters. Reality matters.


@8 - Since you want to deal in hyperbole, I’d like to say that Obama/Biden (and scumbag Hillary) were personally responsible for all the tens of thousands (or more) deaths because of their bullshit wars in the Middle East and North Africa. Plus all of the tens of thousands of refugees and people who died from disease as a result of the chaos that followed.

I’m not defending Trump, but what we have done is simply replace a big pile of steaming shit in the White House with a smaller steaming pile of shit.


Well i'm glad you HEARD Trump supporters for 4 years. I SAW liberals trespass on other peoples property to steal Trump signs. I SAW liberals get physically and verbally abusive to people for simply wearing a MAGA hat. I SAW cars being vandalized for having a Trump sign, or bumper sticker on it. I SAW liberals destroy cities, throwing fire bombs at police, standing in the street blocking traffic so people that HAVE to work, couldn't get there. I SAW liberals crying, stomping their feet, and protesting (riot) the deaths of George Floyd and 4 other black men killed by a cop, but not one protest, no riots, no looting, and not one single BLM member shows up to protest the deaths of the over 2600 black men, murdered every year by other black men. Why do 5 black men, who i might point out that had they simply cooperated would still be alive, why do 5 black men killed by a cop SO important to cause all these problems, yet you freely ignore 2600 blacks murdered by blacks every year? Only thing that's different is the cops were white. So it appears that the only black lives that matter are the ones killed by white people, if they're killed by a black person, i guess their life didn't matter after all. While you we're HEARING things, i was watching you. Never saw a Trump supporter steal signs, abuse a person for wearing a Biden hat, vandalize cars or businesses, never saw Trump supporters block streets, attack police, or destroy businesses owned by people just trying to make a living. You HEARD about Trump being racist, but you didn't hear BIDEN say when looking for a VP, he wouldn't even talk to any white person for the job, only minority, and only women were going to be interviewed for the job. THAT is the very definition of racism, not to mention sexist. Sorry white people, none of you will even be considered for the job even though you may be 2x as qualified for the job. But you were ok with all this crap the liberals were DOING, because you HEARD Trump and his supporters say things. Now if you'll excuse me, i have to go downtown to help a friend of mine clear out the remainder of his business that was destroyed, because after 26 years, you HEARD things. Good for you!!! At least Biden is here riding on his white pony to save everyone from these mean people you HEARD talking. The only problem, pervy Joe doesn't even know he's president, that he's moving to the White House, or that he's going to resign in less than two years so the Democrats can have the person that they really wanted to be president, but no one would have voted for, as president, the minority woman. But you keep HEARING things, while i SEE Sleepy Joe grab and rub little girls, and run his hands threw little girls hair. Just keep HEARING things, god forbid you open your eyes,