A ton of folks try riding Max free, hoping no fair inspectors are on the prowl. I get that. Try your luck gambling. Its always younguns too.
Whats so pathetic is you with your honored citizen pass. So happens, fair inspectors are on board, "do you have an ID to show you're an honored citizen?" You go, "no i don't." Okay, "you need an ID to buy this pass." You go, "I don't know, thats what my brother told me to do."
Are you 4 years old? What logic made you think you are an honored citizen, "claiming" you knew nothing about such a fair versus an adult or youth pass? Your excuses were just as pitiful as the reasons for no masks. All for what? A little over a dollar more to pay?
And yes I agree with the earlier post. All the time I ride Max, at least a few, at least a third of passengers don't wear masks and I guess this is not the fair inspectors job, eh? To top that off, sometimes you can see up to 10 fair inspectors on 1 train, during the lowest traffic time of day. What is up with that?