Pathetic Cheapasses



Max has been fucked up for years. I don’t know why they thought riding on the honor system would ever work. It should be a turnstile system like NY city subway - if you don’t have the money, you can’t ride.


Seriously laughing here.

The honor system doesn't believe everyone is going to pay a fare. It assumes a certain majority percentage will pay a fare, which it does.

Why does it actually work? MAX cars run a timed path day after day. Trimet knows what it costs them to run those cars. They have an expected daily expense every day. The price of MAX is set to cover that daily expense. As long as they are making money, it works. It doesn't matter how many people are riding for free, as long as enough people pay to ride.

The NYC subway system? Please, go back to the east coast. You must love it there. Here's why that turnstile system is terrible.

Right now, there aren't that many transit police in the metro area. Seriously, less than a dozen for sure, and they're not employed by Trimet. Trimet pays different local police agencies for their officers. Most are PPB officers working as transit cops under a contract. Trimet doesn't have their own police force. Think about that for a minute.

When there's a problem or fare sting type situation, all those cops you see are going to be from different police agencies working as a cooperative effort, none of them may even be a transit cop.

So, that's one of the benefits of the honor system. There's no need for a police or private security force to be full time at every platform making sure there are no turnstile hoppers.

Now look at the turnstile system. For it to work, it has to be actively enforced, which means you have to have a full time police force, just like the NY Transit System has. They NY Transit System police force is about 3 times larger than PPB. While the metro area wouldn't need that many, you do have to have at least 2 people at every max stop making $85,000/yr, per shift to start. Go do the math with how many stops there are in the metro area.

But it's not just police that's needed. You now need buildings and a whole redesign of the hundreds of MAX stops. Why? Because a turnstile system doesn't work above ground, out in the open. There's no platform aside from the Zoo that would work at. Every other one is a city street that can't be blocked off. Meaning, THERE'S NO PLACE TO PUT TURNSTILES WHERE IT WOULD ACTUALLY WORK.

Also, I realize the OP and 1 above are probably new to Portland (one of them is going to insist they've been here 20 years, no worries. Got you covered there, because if you really were, you wouldn't be spouting NYC turnstile nonsense) and I'd suggest maybe learn the place, our ways and our culture before trying to reinvent this place as the place you just left. We are not like NYC or even NY state. Take the time to figure out where you are and who you're with, and you may realize some things actually work right here.


My husband rides the MAX to Hillsboro and on the first train from pioneer square every day. It runs full of homeless meth and heroin and crack addicts coughing and even people smoking cigarettes and marijuana and eating fried chicken and throwing their trash out the doors at stations. Don't give me the bullshit about fare inspectors. Fuck off. There aren't nearly enough.