Rules I make but don't follow



Who supports it? America is fucked over every which way possible by the people it elects to supposedly represent them. And those people get to vote on their own raises and there is no way (to date) to stop them.

Federal congressional reps and senators get paid $175,000 (plus per diems, plus who knows how much in Russian money laundered through ?, plus all of the money stuffed in their pockets by lobbyists) and they work less than half a year. In fact they are on vacation right now, no COVID pandemic relief in sight thanks to Mitch McConnell (Pelosi and the House passed a second round of robust stimulus back in May and McConnell ignored it, it's sitting on his desk with over 400 pieces of legislation passed by the House - why should one asshole have so much power over this entire country)?

This country has been a house of cards waiting to fall for decades. This pandemic proves we are nothing but a low level service industry economy and the only people who are making any money in this country are CEOs (like Bezos) and politicians.


I hear a lot of frustration and I get it. Everyone's on edge right now. But let's put this into context. Dr. Meieran went to Hawaii several days before the Governor issued the travel restriction. She has self-quarantined and followed all the requirements while there. She has been working remote. As a medical doctor she has taken a huge pay cut for the salary she gets. There's plenty to criticize here (the optics of it; the willingness to get on a plane right now) but there's no need to foment some kind of Class War or search in dark closets for Russian bad guys. County Commissioners aren't perfect but they are public servants and work to make things better for everyone.


Public employees get paid shit compared to the private sector. If they were paid better there wouldn't be so much corruption in government. Why the fuck don't you run for office if you think it's so goddamn easy.