My current partner works for one of the many Fred Meyer stores that are not actually Fred Meyer anymore. I've heard nothing but horror stories since Kroger purchased the chain, and during this pandemic it seems to only be getting so much worse. Workers are being spread so thin, being pulled from different departments to cover those who are out sick (while still being expected to run their original departments), being pushed to take more and more and more hours, regardless of if it's good for them, and I've been living with this horrible dread and anxiety, knowing that they can't keep this up for very much longer before the whole thing falls apart. It seems extremely clear at this point that the people in charge are only concerned about the money that can be made off of the situation, and see their employees as entirely expendable. I know a lot of people see going to the grocery store and their one 'going out into the world' activity that is necessary and therefore shouldn't be questioned, but did you know you could get groceries delivered? Did you know you could sign up for curbside pickup where you don't even need to get out of the car? I know there isn't a perfect solution to this whole mess, but rushing to the store to buy up TP, or using grocery shopping as an excuse to break quarantine needs to fucking stop before grocery store workers start dropping like healthcare workers.