Fuck Kroger. This isn't Fred Meyer anymore



Suck it up buttercup.... Its called work you fucking sissy soy boy!!!


Thank you. 1) Pickup and delivery are truly amazing.2) your roommate should look for another job.


Soooooooooo, your saying a business only cares about money, and NOT their employees? Wow, this is shocking, said no one ever. I don't ever remember my former company ever giving me hugs and asking if i was OK or did i need to take a few days off to rest. It's called work for a reason, that's why it's not called fun, or vacation, you work FOR them, not with them, not to be their friend, but to work. Then if your lucky your check doesn't bounce, and you get to go home and spend the whole check in one night paying your bills, and still have a few bills left to pay. Then you do it again the next month. A company doesn't care about their employees? I wonder if anyone else has picked up on that.