This Is Why



As a bus driver, I can tell you it's neither. That's assuming you meant "upsetting" with you as the victim. If you knew the real reasons that people don't have their shit together, you might be upset on a whole different level. After witnessing variations of this same phenomenon day in, day out, for nearly a decade what I have learned is that human suffering extends itself down to the smallest of details. And when it does, you have an opportunity to respond with compassion or to respond by increasing your own suffering.

Next time might I suggest kindly reminding your fellow passenger of the mask mandate by offering them one of the free masks near the door? The idea that you have your shit together, therefore they should too is nonsensical. And the driver may be exhausted due to having had this scenario play out 20 or 30 times that day. My job is made so much more tolerable and my heart gets a much-needed warming when passengers pitch in to help. I always thank those who do help, creating an opportunity for you to feel appreciated instead of frustrated.

And yes times really are tough. $2.50 may not be much to you, but your circumstances are not the same as everyone else's.