I keep hearing and seeing words and talk about how 2020 sucks. No fucking doubt. Worst fucking year in all my 40 plus years on earth. I also hear how 2021 will be better. How? When the new year starts, all 2020s troubles are supposed to go away? Like as if an election result means protests for change need not happen anymore? In reality, seriously, what's it gonna take for stadiums and concerts to resume to 10s of thousands in attendance? Like suddenly, okay guys, let's pack the Arlene Schnitzer again, magic, poof, all better now. Viruses, wild fires, tragic deaths, and police brutality will not suddenly end. How will we get there? Is this merely hopeful and positive thinking? It is this thinking that has the bigger let down in my opinion. This will take a while. I have a feeling I'm going to walk out one day, years from now and say, "when did that happen? Oh okay, we don't need to wear masks anymore?" I think, seriously the best thing is to do is go along for the ride and not fight anything.
Oh yes, I guess I haven't taken a shower in a week.