Next Year Baby



Take a shower!! Also, brush, floss, and gargle while you are at it. Also trim your fingernails. You are correct that things will not magically be better in 2021. But maybe that's the whole point.

I'm sure I'm not the only one to whom the metaphor of "accurate vision" has occurred. If you are white (like me) and you were previously walking around with whitey-goggles on that made it seem as though the world was somehow a fair and reasonable place (like me), welcome to the rest of your life in which that illusion has been shattered. While I have been aware of and horrified by our lack of collective action on climate change since the year 2000, I'm sorry to say that it took a Trump administration for me to finally come to awareness of the fact that damn near 50% of this country is racist. Whether that racism takes the form of implicit bias or outright hate is irrelevant, because the effects are equally toxic every damn day to people of color. Think of how toxic the air was to breathe for all of us for just a few DAYS this summer, and imagine that as your every day climate.

As far as I'm concerned getting back to packed stadiums and not wearing masks should be the least of your concerns. Things are not OK and they are never going to be OK again. The only question is what will you do about it? Will you spend the rest of your life mourning for the time when you had the whitey-goggles? Or will you actively work to maintain accurate vision and find ways to help in SPITE of the fact that things will likely feel more and more "normal" in the months and years to come?

Meanwhile, here we are in corona-land and opportunities to help seem few and far between. Perhaps your awareness of some mental health issues that seem to be coming up is a good hint at where you need to start. Use this time to learn to care for yourself in ways that never seemed necessary before! They are necessary now, and you happen to live in a place with fairly good access to low-cost mental health professionals. Down the road there will be opportunities to help create change, and if you have not learned how to care for yourself, you will miss those opportunities.

I apologize for making an assumption on the OP's race, but given our demographics it seemed a fairly safe bet. I also want to note that honoring our own pain and grief is important. We live in a culture that over-values positivity and "happiness". While moments of joy are lovely and necessary, a lifelong addiction to pursuing an intangible concept is not. As far as I'm concerned the biggest value I have gotten out of 2020 is that "happiness" can go fuck itself.


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