Can I get a new Life with that Burger?



It's like that here, too, a constant, never ending line at the McDonald's drive thru.

As for the trauma and the grief, it is overwhelming and so many are drowning in it (there are those who are not, they simply don't care about anyone or anything other than themselves and we know there at least 74 million of them in this country). And it is going to get worse and it is going to be a long lasting, ever changing, life altering grief caused my catastrophic trauma.

We are going to have to help each other through it, despite the 74 million who do not give a fuck. We are going to have to help each other through it because there is no way to get through it alone.


*caused by catastrophic trauma


Traumatized people gotta eat too.


And, you know, people aren't leaving their houses unless they have to, so I'd bet a good number of those drive thru cars are delivery drivers picking up orders for people. Nobody at home can see how long a drive thru line is from their living room can they?

I guess a lot of things get assumed by people who just can't imagine someone different from themselves, right? Sorry the rest of the world doesn't hold drive thru wait times during a pandemic with the same sacredness that you do.